Luiza Gottschalk (São Paulo - SP, 1984) is gradueted in Performing Arts (2002) by the Theater School Célia Helena, graduated in Plastic Arts (2014) and postgraduated in Visual Arts by FAAP (2018). Her work is very interested about the intersection of art languages, such as painting, dance and theater, always using the body movement as the work trigger. She was a member of the Theater Company Os Satyros being actress, scenographer, theater director, theater teacher and producer amoung the past of ten years. She participated of several collective´s exhibitions from 2013 till 2018, standing out in the 46th, 47th Annual Art Awards (MAB - Brazillian Museum of Arts, São Paulo, 2014, 2015), winning the second and third awards (all awards with paintings), and at the 47th Hall of Arts in Piracicaba. In 2016, she did her first solo exhibition "Accident" in a basement foyer at Satyros Station wich is an important alternative theater in São Paulo. Luiza is also an art teacher and artistic director of a non-profit organization that develops cultural projects besides maintaining a project with teenagers from public schools sistem that  has already been indicated to several awards.